Mercy Me No6

Image of Mercy Me No6


...they always said she was such a saint...if only they knew the real truth...

Repurposed Vintage Ingredients: sterling silver Mary rosary charm holds up a tassel of vintage & antique Italian religious charms: dainty sterling silver cross, a Catholic rosary cross, Ten Commandments charm "Thous Shall Not Take The Name of the Lord in Vain", silver Mary silhouette, & an ornate cross with saints & dove in the middle. Delicate silver chain completes the necklace. Pendant dangles 5"s & the necklace measures a long 28"s & may be looped through itself to form a lariat style necklace (as shown in the first picture).

...mercy, mercy me, things aren't what they used to be!

Absolutely One Of a Kind!!

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